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I Published My 1st Book @ 11 Years Old

Hello there, everyone. My name is Destiny S. Harris, and I am elated to share some puzzle pieces of who I am with you.

I’m a writer first, but I’m also a full-time techie and a part-time teacher. I come from a military family, but that’s not the complete reason I have lived on the west coast, east coast, and midwest — I blame my father for giving me his nomadic genes.

I used to like school, so I obtained three degrees in Political Science, Psychology, and Gender Studies. …


Elevate Your Money

Tip 1

Keep your rent/mortgage payment 10–15% (or less) of your net income.

Tip 2

Avoid car payments. If you decide to take on a car payment, have the cash (in your bank account) to buy the car outright.

Tip 3

Keep your net worth positive — at all times.

Tip 4

Always have a minimum of 5 streams of income. But aim for at least 10+ streams. Never depend on one source of income. Diversify. Diversify. Diversify.

Tip 5

Budget daily. Keep track of your money daily. Always know what is happening when it comes to your money. Be in the know.

Tip 6

Stay in charge of YOUR money. Never…

Are You, You, Or Are You Everyone Else?

Who are you really? Are you compiled of your own ideas and beliefs, or ideas you’ve adopted along the way from others?

Something I love about stoicism is how it never ceases to encourage its pupils to question their beliefs, character, philosophies, and behaviors.

As a habit, I’m cautious about adopting the ideas of others. I’m also not gun hoe about forcing others to adopt my beliefs. Furthermore, when others share their beliefs and opinions with me, I’m comfortable with disagreeing and standing by my beliefs if their beliefs don’t align with the values I stand by.

So many of…

Are You Free Or Enslaved?

If you want nothing, you have everything. You’re in control, and no one has leverage over you. Not businesses, advertisements, societal “norms,” people, or desires.

Real-Life Examples

How often do we witness people buy the new car, only to watch them constantly work to pay for it? They have to keep working, and if they don’t, their car will be repossessed (not to mention their credit will get f*cked up).

Then we have women who wake up earlier every single day just to put on makeup. Because they perceive wearing makeup will present them more attractively to the world, and it will…

And Here Is ONE of the Texts I Sent Her

Brief Context

One of my close friends — for over 10 years — and I recently started chatting about racism and equality after all of the events took place in 2020.

What bothers me about some of her opinions and information is that she gets them from only white people or Candace Owens (who only offers a skewed view on racism). Furthermore, she does not really have any Black friends (except one other she told me about), and I know that she will never truly understand what many Black people go through because her circle is limited to mainly white privileged people.

Personal Finance

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss, Ladies, But Education Is Empowering!

Every basic thing a woman needs to know about finance is here in the following five articles.

There is nothing sweeter than financial independence as a woman — something not every woman experiences during her lifetime. But I am here today to encourage you to be an outlier and in control of your financial destiny.

You don't need to be ignorant, a novice, or confused when it comes to money. Take control of your finances today, and elevate your life to a whole new level of financial freedom and financial independence.

Table of Contents


Here’s How Women Can Do Life Better

My: Why?

- — -

I started working on these principles for a book when I was 13 years old. I had the vision to help young women, but I never decided to follow through on it. I look back at times and wonder why I let fear and indecision take hold of me after I had already successfully published two books at age 11 and 12.

I dedicate the section: “Don’t Wait” to the topic of waiting on things that are of value to us as women.

My “Why?” is women all around the world who may have never…


Weekend Reflection

I can’t continue to live in mediocrity.

I can’t continue to feel only “fine” about my life.

I can’t continue not to be happy with life.

I can’t continue to feel miserable about coming back to my reality after a vacation.

I can’t continue to go in daily to a job that doesn’t add value to my life or others.

I can’t continue to have a mediocre attitude towards life daily.

I can’t continue to not invest in the lives of others.

I can’t continue to not spend more time with the most valuable people in my life.

I can’t…

Money & Ideas

Building Wealth Starts In The MIND

As the Law of Attraction states: like attracts like. Your thoughts create your reality. If you want to be wealthy, prosperous, and live in abundance, you must think of wealth, prosperity, and abundance; focus your thoughts on these things. Focus your thoughts on the life you desire. As you do this + take intelligent and strategic action, your life will transform into the life your thoughts and actions are creating for you.

I’m a big believer in affirmations. Affirmations + action got me to where I am today. Napoleon Hill states: “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can…


Personal Reflections On Aging

Aging is surreal. After you turn 25, things start moving faster and faster. Aging never stops. It keeps creeping up on you, reminding you to live life, do you, stay on track, and make sure every choice counts and works for you, not against you.

Personal Reflection

As I quickly inch closer to my third decade of living, I realize I am no longer 20, a teen, or a kid by looks, but I still hold all of the memories and kid-like interests near and dear to my heart. …

Destiny S. Harris

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