30 Days of Relaxation

Relax People, Please

Destiny S. Harris
2 min readOct 17, 2020


In this book, you will find 30 different relaxation exercises to help bring more stress-relief, relaxation, peace, joy, contentment, and gratitude to your life.

We live in a fast-paced society, but that does not mean we need to run our bodies and lives fast-paced. Slow down for 30 days and notice how it has a domino effect on your life after you have completed all 30 exercises.


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With over 100+ books published to date, creating (whether it is books, articles, poetry, or music) has always been Destiny’s thing, not to mention health & fitness and all things entrepreneurial. Destiny published her first book, “Beauty Secrets for Girls” at age 11 and her second book, “Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late” at age 12.

Destiny obtained three degrees from the University of Georgia in Psychology, Political Science, & Cultural Studies. She also started her own music teaching business at the age of 14, which she led for over ten years. In addition, she has been teaching academic, career, and personal development topics to thousands of students and readers since 2004.

Outside of writing, Destiny loves and enjoys a few other things: bodybuilding, reading, traveling, dogs, food, classic movies, anime, mountain and ocean views, plants, and nature.

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