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I Published My 1st Book @ 11 Years Old

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Hello there, everyone. My name is Destiny S. Harris, and I am elated to share some puzzle pieces of who I am with you.

I’m a writer first, but I’m also a full-time techie and a part-time teacher. I come from a military family, but that’s not the complete reason I have lived on the west coast, east coast, and midwest — I blame my father for giving me his nomadic genes.

I used to like school, so I obtained three degrees in Political Science, Psychology, and Gender Studies. …

And Here Is ONE of the Texts I Sent Her

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Brief Context

One of my close friends — for over 10 years — and I recently started chatting about racism and equality after all of the events took place in 2020.

What bothers me about some of her opinions and information is that she gets them from only white people or Candace Owens (who only offers a skewed view on racism). Furthermore, she does not really have any Black friends (except one other she told me about), and I know that she will never truly understand what many Black people go through because her circle is limited to mainly white privileged people.


Elevate Your Money

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Tip 1

Keep your rent/mortgage payment 10–15% (or less) of your net income.

Tip 2

Avoid car payments. If you decide to take on a car payment, have the cash (in your bank account) to buy the car outright.

Tip 3

Keep your net worth positive — at all times.

Tip 4

Always have a minimum of 5 streams of income. But aim for at least 10+ streams. Never depend on one source of income. Diversify. Diversify. Diversify.

Tip 5

Budget daily. Keep track of your money daily. Always know what is happening when it comes to your money. Be in the know.

Tip 6

Stay in charge of YOUR money. Never…


And Now These Golden Nuggets of Knowledge Are Yours, Too

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Lesson 1

Invest as early as possible, and never stop. If you are going to have a kid, open up a retirement account for your kid before you even conceive the kid; that way, they can be a millionaire well before 30.

Lesson 2

If you can’t handle a credit card responsibly, wait until you’re ready to own one; doing this will save you plenty of financial trouble.

Lesson 3

Paying off debt is great, but make sure you invest while you pay off your debt. You can’t get time back.

Lesson 4

Avoid student loans like the plague. There are too many ways to go to college…


A Deep Dive Into Anger

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Emotions run wild in the heat of moments. Easy it can be to succumb to our human nature tendencies and give in to some of the most unproductive emotions we often experience, one being: anger.

There is no more stupefying thing than anger, nothing more bent on its own strength. If successful, none more arrogant, if foiled, none more insane — since it’s not driven back by weariness even in defeat when fortune removes its adversary it turns its teeth on itself. — Seneca, On Anger, 3.1.5

Anger is often viewed as a negative emotion. People often view anger as…

Self-Improvement & Productivity

Some of my favorite quotes I’ve gathered along my life journey

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Quote 1

“Knowledge is freedom.”

Quote 2

“Faith removes limitations.”

Quote 3

“Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.”

Quote 4

“Focus on the good.”

Quote 5

“Most things we worry about never happen.”

Quote 6

“Die to the past every moment. You don’t need it. Only refer to it when it is absolutely relevant to the present. Feel the power of this moment and the fullness of being. Feel your presence.” Eckhart Tolle

Quote 7

“You would not have a desire unless you were capable of its achievement.” Napoleon Hill

Quote 8

“Whatever it is you desire with all of your heart, understand that it can and should be yours.”

Quote 9

“God often works…

Personal Finance

The quality of your relationships affects your quality of life

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From the Great Book: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

You become who you surround yourself with. So the question is: Who have you been surrounding yourself with? Are the people adding value to your life? Are the people you’re surrounded by consistently complaining about not having enough money or how everything is so expensive?

Create and cultivate new enriching relationships with individuals that can challenge your level of thinking and elevate your financial status.

  • Surround yourself with wealthy individuals.
  • Surround yourself with educated individuals.
  • Surround yourself with empowering individuals.
  • Surround yourself with individuals who better your…

Well-Being, Health, & Self-Improvement

For: Codependent Emotional Eaters

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Question 1: When did you realize your emotional eating habits were habits you adopted from emotional eaters you grew up around?

A couple of years after I graduated from college, I realized that I didn’t have a genuine sugar addiction or real emotional eating habits as I thought I did; it was at this point that I became aware that I had taken on those habits I grew up around.

I’ve always been fit and in shape. I started working out when I was 11 and joined the gym when I was 14. I was never overweight, and I ate overall healthily. …

Woman Empowerment

Never silence your voice as a woman

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Affirmations: My Voice Is Loud And Clear

1. I never diminish my voice under any circumstance.
2. My voice matters.
3. My voice is loud, clear, and heard.
4. There is strength, confidence, and clarity conveyed through my voice.
5. I am heard.
6. I am articulate, eloquent, and an intelligent speaker.
7. I know how to accomplish grand things through my communication style.
8. I am a leader through my voice.
9. I am assertive through my voice.
10. I encourage other women to speak up for not only themselves but women who are still finding their voice.


“I raise up my voice not so I…

But I don’t let teachers determine my fate

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My fifth-grade teacher told my parents — in a parent-teacher conference — that I’m a bad writer. Thankfully, my parents didn’t tell me this piece of information until many years later. However, it’s ironic that I published my first book in the fifth grade, “Beauty Secrets for Girls,” and my second book, “Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late,” two years later.

Maybe my parents encouraged me to write a book because my teacher told them that I sucked. *shrug* But my parents fully supported my desire to publish my first book and never doubted my abilities; you need people on…

Destiny S. Harris

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