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Free Thinking

Perpetuating violence, death, and dangerous drug use in plain sight

Astro World Festival — Houston — Travis Scott

Astroworld Festival — Houston

As many of you know, the Astroworld tour is alive, well, and back for another round. Unfortunately, the Astro event held in Houston yesterday took a turn for the worst… or did it in Travis Scott's eyes?? He seemed to both enjoy and ignore the traumatic events as they happened…

Stoicism & Philosophy

You’re wasting time, money, energy, and your life

Photo by Dieter Blom on Unsplash

Some people make a passionate effort to show off their things and overall lifestyles, but why? Why do people feel the need to display their lives on social media?

Some Of The Things (& People) We Like To Show Off:

  • Designer and name brand items
  • Shoes
  • Badass homes
  • Travel
  • Kids
  • Expensive toys
  • Money
  • Cars
  • Job Titles
  • Careers
  • Our Bodies
  • Romantic Relationships

Destiny S. Harris

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