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I Published My 1st Book @ 11 Years Old

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Hello there, everyone. My name is Destiny S. Harris, and I am elated to share some puzzle pieces of who I am with you.

I’m a writer first, but I’m also a full-time techie and a part-time teacher. I come from a military family, but that’s not…


My 56 Pieces of Personal Development Gold & Truth

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I haven’t lived very long yet, but inching closer to decade number 3 is still a respectable amount of time. …

Personal Finance

Transition yourself into the elite money bracket

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Do you want to level up financially? Implement the following 14 habits, and notice a change in your finances instantly. Some things just work; it’s that simple.

The 14 Habits

1. Invest 15–25% or more of your income

That’s right. Not 10% of your income. 15–25%+ of your income. I always believe 25% is a better way to go, but that’s…


Elevate Your Money

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Tip 1

Keep your rent/mortgage payment 10–15% (or less) of your net income.

Tip 2

Avoid car payments. If you decide to take on a car payment, have the cash (in your bank account) to buy the car outright.

Tip 3

Keep your net worth positive — at all times.

Tip 4

Always have a minimum of 5…

And Here Is ONE of the Texts I Sent Her

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Brief Context

One of my close friends — for over 10 years — and I recently started chatting about racism and equality after all of the events took place in 2020.

What bothers me about some of her opinions and information is that she gets them from only white people or Candace…

Life Lessons.

Hope lies beneath the earthly craze.

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Earthly BS

I told my sister the other day that life on earth can be depressing , especially if you believe in a higher power. Because you know all of this is temporary, and we can’t rush to the finish line to avoid facing all the earthly craziness. …


The importance of checking in on those you love

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There is nothing like the feeling that comes when someone we love and care about checks in on us. …

Most people miss this step — are you one of them?

Learn one simple step that will change your money building game for good.

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Most people don’t pay themselves first.
Do you know why?

Most people are in the habit of paying everyone else first.

We have all heard people (maybe even ourselves) complain about how they never have money left over for themselves. Well, there is only one reason this happens for a…

Destiny S. Harris

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