Don’t Forget The Small Wins

Cheers To The Weekend!

Destiny S. Harris
2 min readJan 31, 2021
Photo by Wesley Eland on Unsplash

On the journey of life, we can easily fall into the habit of forgetting to acknowledge:

  • What we have achieved
  • What we have overcome
  • What we have let go of
  • How much we have grown
  • Who has helped us along the way
  • The good memories
  • The people who have made us smile
  • The experiences that have added joy to our lives
  • And the changes we have weathered

When we feel low, down, in a low mood, depressed, or discouraged, it’s not natural for us to remember all of the good that has and is happening to us. So today, I challenge you to remember the good the next time you’re feeling low — because you will have low moments (they’re inevitable).

“Cultivate the wisdom and patience to leave your problems alone as much as possible when you’re feeling negative, and try not to discuss or figure anything out when you’re low.”

— Richard Carlson


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