I Just Realized What Black-fishing IS…

And I’m fu**ing P.I.S.S.E.D

Destiny S. Harris
4 min readMay 22, 2020


Photo by Chiamaka Nwolisa on Unsplash

I saw it. I witnessed it in some of my own friends from the past, but I never knew what it truly was until I came across some articles that really broke down what the fucking situation is.

Okay but first, let’s back up………

So Africans were sold and taken from their country, stripped of their history, stripped of their families, and stripped of their rights.

And from here they then were forced to build America for a long time, without any credit or pay. Also, there was constant rape, beatings, abuse, poor nutrition, no education, and disrespect.

And Native Americans, I will never forget the sorrow you had to face from the people who came and literally took everything from you as well.

Oh, and now, black people, the people who built this country are being shot. But that’s just a side note and besides the point….(right?)

Anyways, our culture, our food, our speak, our fashion, our music, our everything, well it’s pretty damn good, right? Hell yes. Which is why so many people in the world enjoy it, appreciate it, listen to it, wear it, and profit from it.

Remember, blackface? Well, I thought it ended, but it didn’t. I always thought that the women wanted to be “tan”, but if we really dive into it, a part of them does not feel comfortable enough to live in their own skin. Their foundation is always a shade (or several shades) darker than their natural skin. They have somehow learned to think that being dark is beautiful, sexy, and appealing because it FUCKING it.

Black is the new standard of beauty (Queens, we made it — finally).

In fact, let’s really talk about this, many women today want:

  • The fat [black looking] ass
  • The in-fashion that is really just black fashion
  • To speak like black people
  • To look like black people

BUT, they don’t actually want to be black. They just want all of black culture without actually having to live the life of a black person…because who would?

Being black comes with…