Know Who You Are

Don’t Let Others Tell YOU, Who You Are

Destiny S. Harris
2 min readAug 26, 2020


There will always be people that quickly volunteer to let you know who you are, but remember, it does not matter who people tell you who you are. It matters who YOU tell yourself you are.

You GOT to be careful about letting others tell you who you are — especially if those people are not for you. Even the people that tell us positive things about us, they are not the determinants of who we are.

The “Rocky” Story.

When Sylvester Stallone was working on getting his Rocky script turned into a movie, he got multiple offers. But he had one stipulation; he had to be the star of his own movie. The producers weren’t for this because of how Sylvester Stallone talked and looked. The producers conveyed that he was not an actor but a writer. However, Sylvester Stalone knew who he was; he knew that he was not only a writer but also an actor that would star in his own movie.

At the time of submitting his script, he had zero money, and the producers were offering him a quarter of a million dollars to not star in his own movie. But he still declined (which might seem like a crazy thing to do since he was broke) because he recognized his worth and knew his goal. Finally, after declining two offers from the same company, they folded and offered him a much lower amount, but the opportunity to star in his own movie. They spent 1 million dollars to create the film, and the movie ended up grossing over 200 million dollars.

This all happened because Sylvester Stallone knew who he was. He was persistent, recognized his worth, knew his goal, and decided not to listen to others who were trying to tell him who he was.

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