Switch It Up: Beat Boredom & Increase Your Energy

Change Is Healthy

Destiny S. Harris
1 min readDec 29, 2021


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We get boring at times. Life loses its flavor. We lose our flavor.

Try something different today to add some spice, flavor, and flair to your life today:

  • Switch up your routine.
  • Wear a different cologne or perfume.
  • Wear something in the closet you’ve never worn or put together before.
  • Eat something new or different outside of your regular diet.
  • Eat a different fruit.
  • Try a new vegetable.
  • Drink a different flavored tea or coffee.
  • Take a mini trip somewhere you’ve never been before (even a nearby city).
  • Read a different book genre.
  • Listen to an eccentric music genre.
  • Take a different route to your usual stops.
  • Talk to someone you usually don’t.
  • Drink a different brand of water.
  • Walk your dog on a different route.
  • Switch it up.
  • Keep it fun.
  • Keep your life interesting.

The more interesting your life is, the more energy you’ll experience, and the more vitality will enter your life. Switch it up.

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