“To Keep Going Sometimes You Have to Allow Yourself to Stop”

Take A Moment, Breathe, Recover, Rest, & Get Back Going

Destiny S. Harris


Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

For those who are always on the go, always working on a goal, always working on the next thing — it can be EXTREMELY easy to keep pushing forward without pause. Still, it catches up to you (eventually). It catches up to everyone differently, too. For Dan Harris, he had a breakdown on live TV. For others, they inappropriately lash out at the wrong people. Others commit suicide. There are many possibilities of what over-working can do to a person, but at some point, it will catch up to you if you never take a break or getaway.

“To keep going, sometimes you have to allow yourself to stop.”

Even if you are highly productive, and you feel fine, take time to breathe, stop, relax, rejuvenate your mind, rest your brain, rest your hands, rest your body, etc. You will be highly productive more consistently if you do this — and in the end — accomplish so much more than if you never stopped to smell the flowers and appreciate all of the work you are doing.

Call to Action: Take a break high-achievers, highly productive people, workaholics, and no-life-but-work people.

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